Which Way To Go – Digital Or Analog


analog corded

This is a fair question for a number of people. So much gushing and raving has been going on about the beauty of having digital technologies at your disposal but without fully appreciating the underlying intricacies thereof. Take, for instance, the hard of hearing or hearing disabled person, he whose loss of hearing is just so severe that he will have readily asked the question. Just what is the point of digital if I cannot fully appreciate all of its nuances, let alone hear the delicate and balanced sounds that so many with really good hearing might just be taking for granted.

Give this chap an analog corded system anytime, any time of the day, any time of the night, just so he can pretty much enjoy life just like the rest. Because he is severely hearing impaired, digital is not going to make much of a difference to his life. Actually, it is, but more on that later. As far as his hearing goes, or the lack thereof, what he is looking for is more volume. The more the merrier. The system definitely works. It actually goes as far as allowing him to hear so many different sounds that others of normal hearing would not have noticed on a normal day.

This is all owing to the technologies at his disposal. Of course, he still gets to enjoy aspects of digital technology just like everyone else. Let’s assume then that his eyesight is currently in perfectly good order, but if not that, and probably not, he is wearing a pair of glasses with a fine prescription lens attached to each frame. That way he can enjoy the movies just as well as everyone else with his analog corded system on the side.