Maintaining Good Healthcare Records


It is important to maintain good health care records.  If we don’t, it may be hard to understand what is owed, who owes it and more.  This is why we need to really know what is charge capture and how it works in our business.

what is charge capture

As a patient it is important that we keep track of our appointments.  If we schedule appointments and cancel them will we be charged a fee?  If so, how much and where will it show up on our statements.  Another thing that we need to do is understand the terminology and ask questions. 

One thing that we never do is ask questions.  We never ask how much a procedure will cost, if it is really necessary and what would happen if we didn’t have it done?  It is important that we be proactive in our needs for medical care.  In conjunction to this, we really need to shop around for services.  What could cost one price in one location could be much cheaper or even more expensive somewhere else. 

Insurance reliability is another factor that needs to be looked at.  When picking an insurance company how much extra work will you be required to do to have simple tasks and drugs paid for?  In some cases insurance companies will dictate what drugs and medications you can take.  The reason for this is that they will either get a cheaper price or some other type of kickback.  When fighting for your medications, you may find that you will need to do an appeal.  This appeal may take several weeks in which time you may be out of your medication.  Make sure that if there is going to be a problem with getting a medication that you file these appeals quickly and stay on top of them.

When it comes to medicine, doctors and your health, there is a lot that you have to focus on.  Have people around you that can help and stand up for what it is you need.