Does Having a Tooth Pulled Hurt?


One of the worst things a dentist can tell you is that you need a tooth extraction. Yet, it is the word that thousands of people hear when they visit the dentist. When treatment will not help the tooth, extraction is the only option left.

It is normal that you fear getting a tooth extraction. No one wants to lose a tooth but then the fear of the procedure is also there. The biggest fear that a person usually has before an extraction is that it will hurt.

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The good news is that a tooth extraction does not hurt. Today we have a great deal of dental technology that ensures you will not feel anything after the procedure is complete. You can even ask for sedation dentistry if you prefer.

It is a good idea to share your fears with the dentist. He understands more than you know, believe it or not.  When you share your fears with the dentist he can better help accommodate you and make the procedure easier for everyone.

Many people are afraid of tooth extractions, scared of the pain and other worries. Do not be embarrassed or feel that you are all alone in the situation. Talk to your dentist and make things easier.

After the extraction you can expect some pain and discomfort. This is normal and usually subsides within a couple of days. But it is essential that you follow all instructions provided by the dentist to see that this happens.

If you do endure pain and discomfort after the tooth extraction san antonio you can use an over the counter pain reliever for help. Your dentist may even provide you with a prescription pain reliever but this varies from one dentist to the next.